Friday, December 26, 2008

More Pictures

Here are some pictures that I took along with the ones posted yesterday.

The chicks that we are taking care of.

A new Silkie roo.

Whoopi the Polish

A Silkie pullet that we hatched over the summer.

Fabio: king of the coop.

Princess Dianna, Cochin.

The gang chillin' under a bush.

Sue the Ameraucana.
Channel the buff Cochin. Look how fluffy!!

Little Bird is a mix between a Silkie hen and an OEGB rooster. He actually turned out beautiful! Look at the rainbow he's got on his back... He got (from his mother) five toes, a walnut comb, a beard/muffs, feathered feet, and a small crest. From his dad, he got the normal, slick pretty black feathers.


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Going's On

Merry Christmas!

We didn't have a white Christmas here this year... we seldom do! Our Christmas felt more like late September than late December. I know that I haven't posted in a long time, so here are some picture updates!

We Three Queens... the silver-laced Wyandotte trio, Sylvia, Cynthia, and Mi-mi

Pepper the Barred Rock struts her stuff

Follow the leader!

Little Red- Flamingo wanna-be

Foster Pets

Our friends who own chickens and rabbits went to Florida several days ago, and left us in charge of some of their animals. As of now (and until they get back), we 'own' 3 Cochin bantams and 1 Silkie hen, 6 teenage-aged chicks, and three rabbits. Here are some pics!

The Cochins & Silkie

The roo looks like Sergui's twin!!

And she looks like Henrietta's twin! Of course, we bought them all at the state fair from the same people... they may be twins!

One of the rabbits...

Dottie the Rex (they are SOOOOO soft!!)

Why, hello there!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Chickens

So, when we went to the fair one day last week, we got two new chickens. They are a pair of white bantam Cochins. Their names are Sergeui (Sirgay) and Queen Henrietta Maria (Henrietta for short). I took them into the backyard and took some pictures of the little featherballs. I love them!!! Okay, here are some pictures...

The Pair...
King of the Roost
Look what I found!! Yummy
Aren't they precious??!!


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Chickens, Ducks, and Kittens-- Oh My!!

Here's a slideshow I made of just some pictures that I took. Enjoy!!

(I tried to post it last night, but my internet quit working...)


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sorry for the Absence!!

I'm really sorry that I haven't posted in what, a month? I've just been EXTREMELY busy! But, all of our chickens and ducks are doing fine.

September 5-14 is the county fair. We've entered about 21 chickens, and I'm really excited about it. I'm sure they'll do great!

The ducks are recovering well from the past dog dilema. All of their feathers are growing back, and we're entering two in the fair, also. It's pretty funny but we think that our ducks named 'Pearl' and 'Dolly' are boys, and 'Donald' and 'Daffy' are females! I've been finding a white egg in the ducks' house, and I'm convinced that it's Donald laying them... or is it Daffy?

I'll try to post some pictures of the chickens that we are entering soon. Until then, ciao!


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Last Straw

It happened again: the dog came back. This was surely the worst damage of all. Not only did the dog get the ducks, but also the chickens. As you may know we let our chickens out in the summertime. We were just starting to think that the dog wouldn't be back, so we let out the chickens and the ducks. We were gone all day, helping at our church's summer music week. When we got home it looked as though there'd been a pillow fight... a feather pillow fight. We found two dead chickens around the coop, and one close too death. Several chickens and a baby Silkie were cowering in the corn field, our gorgeous white Cochin was lying down terrified in the field with her feathers spread around her, our white Silkie hen and splash Cochin looked bad. And, of course, two ducks were chewed bad. The splash Cochin died in my arms, as did an Ameraucana. A few days ago a missing chicken turned up, but it was dead, too.

I saw my Old English Game bantam rooster's tail feathers all over the yard, and knew he was gone. But there he was on the porch, with four tailfeathers in all! Poor thing. But he's safe. I think that he tried to defend himself and all of his girls, unlike our huge rooster!! with tail feathers
There was still one missing: Butterscotch the mama hen, the mother of four Silkies and a mutt. We were sad that she was gone, but I still kept up hope. And sure enough there she was that night when we went to put them up! Totally fine.

All in all the damage is: 2 dead Ameraucana pullets, 1 dead cockeral, 1 dead Cochin, 1 dead buff Orpington, two chewed ducks, 1 chewed Sex Link, 1 tailless OEGB rooster, and two stressed chickens. We're not sure what happened to it, but the dog's not around our neighborhood anymore.


Monday, July 21, 2008


I've been tagged by Don at A View from the Green Barn!

So, here are the 6 random things about me:

1. I love acting, and have been in at least: 1 or 2 television shows, a commercial, an independent film, a play, and I was a 'chicken wrangler' when my Rhode Island Red rooster, Rocky, was in a Jewelry TV commercial.

2. I have been to 35 states, 2 countries, and every county in my state. (This isn't about me, but my mother was born in Alaska!)

3. I've lived in one house my entire life. Our big white farmhouse is about 130 years old. Before we bought it, there were old outhouses and buildings in the yard. There's still a pigstye in the back, but it's now overgrown with black walnut trees.

4. Tonight I spent about thirty minutes out in our chicken coop shooting at rats with a BB gun. It was strangely entertaining! We probably have at least twenty rats... Ugh

5. I love art and recently painted a picture of a Canadian goose with her goslings. The painting is traveling around my state in an art show. I was awarded 2nd place in the entire state for my work. It helps to have such great subjects!

6. My thumbs don't match. One is short and squat, while the other is (shorter than) normal. They are actually different sizes, and the nails are different. If I commited a crime, I could probably be recognized by my thumbprint (of course I would never commit a crime!!)

Well, those are my six random things.

I've tagged:

Sparkle- 'Catch a Falling Star' One of my very close friends, she hasn't been on Blogger in a while, but I may be able to pursuade her!

Shine- 'Bling Bling' Another of my good friends, she shares the passion of chickens with me. They live 500 acres of land, have chickens, rescued baby turkeys, a beautiful peacock (that just showed up), and recently took care of 5 rescued goslings.

Sir James- 'Lords of Chivalry' My knight in shining armour.

Alena8- 'BIG PINK FAN' Although I don't exactly share her passion for pink, I still love her.

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Life of a Farmer

Duck Disaster II
You can tell from the title that this isn't too great. The neighbor's dog got in, AGAIN. This time the damage was bad.... Real bad. Where to start?

We got home from a fun weekend at the lake. But, only two of the five ducks were in our yard. "Oh, no," I thought with a sinking feeling. It was Dolly and Donald, and Dolly was bloody. I was cleaning out their pool, I saw something lying on the bottom. I picked it up and realized that it was a flea collar. Obviously our suspect was NOT a coyote. After a while, when I was taking care of the chickens, Daffy the black Eastern showed up from seemingly no where. I looked and realized that she looked pretty bad. After closer examination (from inside the house), we decided to take her to the vet the next day. We did, and I was surprised that she had made it through the night. The vet said it was pretty bad; the jugular was ripped in two, but fortunately ducks have two. He said if it was his duck, he'd probably put it down. So, we made the decision to do that. It was terrible, but if we hadn't done it she'd have gone through much paid and extensive surgery... There wasn't even a guaranty that she would live. The night before, we'd found one, Pearl, across the street. We took her and Dolly in also, just to check on Dolly, and because Pearl had become infected with maggots. The vet told us that the eggs would hatch within 8 hours! They got her cleaned up, though.

The next day, somehow the other black Eastern, Abby showed up. But as it turned out, this was the real Daffy. We'd mixed them up, but that didn't really matter. At least she was back! She wasn't NEAR as bad as Abby had been. But she had maggots. We did what the vet told us to do, and got them all out. Now, Pearl and Daffy are living in our upstairs bathtub, while Dolly and Donald stay out in they're pen.

We called Animal Control, and they talked to the owners. We also talked to them and showed them the collar. The owner said that she had bathed her pooch the night before and put that very collar on her. We've not seen the dog since, and we hope it stays that way. If not, we have a court date set.

We have at least ten new chicks, including 2 half white Silkies/ half black Old Englich Game bantams. we've lost a couple due to drowing, but the rest are running around with their mommas. One hen is still setting on a couple eggs, and I think that one more hatched this morning!

The rest of our chickens are all doing great. We've been letting them all out, and they can't STAND it if we're even late letting them out. They are so funny.


Monday, June 30, 2008

Chick, Chicks, and MORE Chicks!

It's true: two more chicks have hatched! A little white one and a little black one. At first we thought that the black one was an Old English Game Bantam.... that was, until we saw the feathered feet, five toes, little crest, and small comb! Plus we found all four eggshells: they're all Silkie eggs!!! So, looks like the father is:

Bruiser the Old English Game Bantam.

And the mother is either:
Rita the white Silkie,
Georgeous the white Silkie,
or the hen in the top right corner, Paris the white Silkie.
Anyways, here's a short video with pics and clips of the newest additions to our poultry family!


Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Chicks are Hatching... Again!

Here's a little movie I put together. It's got some clips of the chicks playin' around with their mommas. (If you hear sniffing, sorry, I have a cold!!....That seems weird to say in June-- almost July...)


Guess What??

Two of our Silkie hens are setting on eggs. And guess what? I went out there are found a little fluffy chick!!

We went out of town Thursday and Friday and got back late last night. This morning, I went out to check on them... And another chick had hatched!! So now we have two tiny little babies.

The rest of the once-tiny-little-babies aren't so tiny any more!!... Actually, they're huge!


Friday, June 13, 2008

What's Going On

Missing Mallory

The title describes the happening:our Mallord duck, Mallory, dissapeared some day last week. We found feathers (that looked like hers) around the duck pen. She wasn't with "the gang", which was extremely rare. But we'd seen her that morning. Later in the afternoon, my sister ran in, Mallory in her arms. "I found Mallory, but she's chewed up bad!" she exclaimed. She told me that she'd been out walking around and had seen the duck limping behind the house. We stuck her in the tub and washed her off. Then we let her go back to her buds outside, after a thorough look-over. We were glad that she was back. But, unfortunatelly, the happiness was short lived. Tuesday, she'd dissapeared again. We searched all around our house, through the field, down by the creek. No sign. So, here's in memory of Mallory, one pretty Mallord duck:

A Good Old Girl
Last week we found one of our first chickens, Maria the Rhode Island Red, dead in the chicken coop. She was one of the eight original girls that we had left. I don't know what made her die, maybe just old age. But that's life. May she rest in peace.

All of the chicks are getting big, and I mean BIG! We put Athena, the Cornish setting hen, with the rest of the chickens. As for Butterscotch and her two Silkie chicks, I put them with the younger chicks. She's pretty much adopted them all! One night I went out to put them up, and she was sitting on a stump with her little fluffies under her. How they got up there, I don't know! But it sure was cute!!!


Friday, May 30, 2008

Chickens- Pictures from Around Our Yard

The title of this post is the title of this video! Enjoy! (PS- there is even a pic of the newest Silkie babies in there at the end!!)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Geese and Cochins

It's time to say good-bye to the goslings... The rightful owners have come back from Florida (YES!!) and will be picking up the goslings, maybe sometime today. I will miss them, but it will be 5 less mouths to feed... And water... And clean up after..... (Of course it's not their mouths that I clean up after.)

Newbies (Chicks)
You know that with that title, we've gotten ourselves into something! We went to this guys place, looking to buy Cochin chicks. He's crazier than us! In a good way! He's got chicks in his garage (along with 'poults'), and a barnful of animals: Guineas, goats, rabbits, llamas or alpacas, peafowl, quail, Chukar, horses, dogs out back, and a barn cat!! Phew! Even though he's crazy, I think I'd love to have most of those..... Even the Guineas! Anywho, he had barred Cochins, splash Cochins (my fav), and buff Cochins. We bought one mixed breed (which is buff, but has barring and dots of black), one splash (mine), and my sister bought what she hopes is a buff rooster, for her buff hen. They're with the other chicks that we hatched (for now). Aren't we crazy?


Saturday, May 17, 2008


The most unexpected thing happened to me today (hence the title). I was feeding and watering the setting hen, Butterscotch, and I thought that I heard peeping. "Ooh," I thought, "maybe an egg is hatching!" I looked under her and was shocked to find that the noise was coming from a little Silkie chick!!! I nearly shouted, but instead went and showed my sister. Then I ran back and checked for more and found another! They are so cute. If you didn't know, we put some Silkie eggs that the Silkie hen had been setting on underneath Butterscotch. I didn't see any more pips in the eggs, and I only found those two chicks. They seem perfectly fine! I just can't believe they hatched right under our nose. I've been checking every now and then to see if there were any signs of hatching. I wonder how old they are; they're all fluffed up, and yet the egg tooth is still on both of them. Probably just a day or two. I'll get some pictures soon.


Thursday, May 15, 2008


Here are some pics of the goslings!

All five together.
Audrey, my fav.


Friday, May 9, 2008

New Coop

Lots has happened since the last post. I guess I'll start with this: We let the chicks out into the pen while we built a new coop. The coop will temporarily be for the chicks, then for the Silkies. Here's a video (I wanted to put HSM "Breaking Free", but couldn't get a hold of the sound track):

Also, last Tuesday our friends won two chicks in a drawing at a 4-H farm day, and since they're going on vadation for two weeks we ended up with them. So our baby chick count has gone from 3 to 5 PDQ (pretty darn quick). Plus, the same friends found some abandoned baby geese near their house, and took them in. Again, vacation got in the way, and we are now the foster parents of 5 baby Canadian geese for 2 weeks. I'll try to get some pictures, because they are SO cute!! Their names are Audrey, Lucy, Peep, Giselle, and Sweetheart.


Friday, May 2, 2008

Breaking Out 2

Here is my video of the Silkie chick hatching. I also have some pictures of the AWPR(Ameraucna/White Plymouth Rock) . I don't have any video clips, though. Sorry!


Thursday, May 1, 2008

More...and More!!

The Ameraucana/White Rock egg hatched yesterday. It's so cute; it looks like a White Rock, but has an Ameraucana's comb! The Silkie is doing fine. another Silkie egg was hatching this morning, and my sister and I stayed out there for a long time. We were afraid that the hen would break the egg, because she was moving around so much, so we had it under a heat lamp. I put it under the hen for about 20 seconds. A huge mistake. She accidentally trampled on it, breaking part of the egg shell. The chick was still moving inside, thankfully! Finally, after a 20-30 minute struggle (both the egg and me, too!), the little chick hatched. We nick-named it "Lucky". We were so happy that it made it out okay! We put about 8 more Silkie eggs under Butterscotch the RIR, and she still has about three eggs from the other batch. We are very un-experienced with hatching chicks, so we really just threw a bunch of eggs that we thought were fertile under, some maybe even on different days. The 3 chicks are now in our upstairs bathroom. The AWPR (I made that up for the cross) is named "Chloe", because that was her dad's name, before he turned into Cole. The 'lucky' Silkie is May-Day (because it was born on May Day, and when there's trouble, you shout "mayday!"), and it's nickname is May. The first Silkie is stuck. I want to name it April, so we'll have April and May, but my sister thinks otherwise.... I think she wants it to be Fluffy? If it's a boy, I think I should call it Louie Vaton! Well, if you have any ideas, leave them in a comment on this post! I'll put more pictures of the other hatches tomorrow, or at least I'll try!!!


Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Most Wonderful Thing

I looked at the rest of the eggs and guess what I found?!? A little pip in a green Ameraucana egg!! I looked some more and found a hole in a little brown egg! I stayed in the garage aaaaall evening, and after waiting, watching, and filming with the digital camera, I produced this movie. There was a lot more footage, but if I left it in, the movie would be about an hour long! So, here it is, my masterpiece: "Breaking Out; Finally Hatching". The filming wasn't too great, but hey, you get to see a chick hatching!! Now if you have any, please give me some ideas for names!

At the very end of the hatching, the camera said "Memory card full". I nearly tore my hair out, but I think I got some OK pics after it came out. I'll post updates, because as we speak, the little Ameraucana egg is hatching!


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Saddest Thing

Okay, I'm about to tell you about the saddest thing that I think has happened to me this year, so if you don't like sad stuff, do not continue:

Just a few minutes ago, I walked out to our garage. I fed and watered the chicks, as usual. And they were even bigger than the last time I saw them (yesterday), as usual. After I finished that, I went over and talked to Butterscotch, the setting hen. I gave her some food and soothing words. Then I walked around her cage and my heart stopped; lying there was a tiny, motionless chick on the floor. It had blue skin and white feathers, and was still slick. A little spot of blood was on it's head. It's body was cold, but the blood was not dry yet. I couldn't beleive it. That was our first nearly successful hatching. I mean, it at least got out of the egg. I feel like crying, but I won't. The weird thing is, we couldn't find any eggshells around the cage, but there was one less egg under Butterscotch. Isn't that odd?

Sadly signing out,

(PS- Yeah, I know the same post is on The Coop Scoop.)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Chicken and Egg Festival

So, we went to the festival, and participated in the contest. We had a fabulous design, one that no one else thought up (the were all the same... kind of strange, I admit). We made air bags for the egg to land on, but when we had reached 42", the egg was slightly blown by the wind and was accidentally skewered by a popsicle stick... Oh well. We still got to check out some cool artwork and stuff like that, and played games like Bingo (which my sister won) and the egg toss (which we didn't win). Overall, it was okay in my book. Hey, I got a T-shirt that says "I rule the roost", so I'm happy! Well, I gtr. It's late and I'M TIRED!!!!


(PS- My family and a friend got to be extras in a local independent film that premiered tonight! They made it like a big Hollywood red-carpet type of event. The movie was pretty funny. About softball. I was laughing my head off at some parts. But the best part, was that I WAS IN IT!!...okay, maybe it was about 6 seconds total, but still...gotta give me some credit! Check out My Journal for more details. I'll post about it there.)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Duck Video

Okay, these pics aren't as great as the chick pictures, because the ducks were outside...duh, and they are ducks. 'Nuff said....

Chicken and Egg Festival

This weekend we've traveled to Alabama for the annual Chicken and Egg Festival. My sister and I will be competing in the "Catch a Falling Egg" contest. We will have 30 minutes to build a device that can catch an egg dropped from four different heights, each greater than the last. There will be materials supplied, such as straws, cups, newspaper, pipe cleaners, etc., but we won't know what they actually are until we get there. We found this event on the internet (I love the web) and signed up for the contest! There are supposed to be 100 bantams, 25 breeds, brought by the same guy. Talk about a lot of chickens!! It sounds pretty fun, and I'll take lots of pics and get them on the computer.


(PS- I brought our laptop, so that's how I can post and put pics. Don't you love wireless?)

Quick Notice

I made a new blog! Just thought I'd let you know. It's called The Coop Scoop. Check it out! Go there.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Vet Appointment

We got home from running errands Saturday night, and found the dog that broke into the ducks' pen snooping around the pen again. The ducks were all in the pen, but Daffy was lying on the ground....alive, thankfully. We got the flashlight and found that one duck, Dolly, had had her gashes re-opened, and the other ducks were scraped up. We got them all inside and washed them off. Dolly had huge gashes and Pearl (a crested Pekin) was slightly bloody. Daffy didn't loo good at all. His leg, we discovered, was the source of his problems. He just held it behind him, never using it. We thought it was either broken or worse: paralyzed. We called the local vet, and they didn't take poultry. So we called Animal Sciences, and just a trip down there would $140. But they gave us some names of other vets that would take "exotics". The first was a keeper. We took Daffy in, and the people were very good and very nice. They did an X-ray on Daffy, and came back with the results. No broken bones, no paralysis! Slight nerve damage, possibly, but after some pain killer, he should be okay. They gave us seven days worth of painkiller, not shots, but honey-flavored medicine. The whole trip was $150, still quite a bit, but less than the Animal Science place would have been!! Daffy is doing so much better already; using his leg little by little. Here are the X-rays:
I just thought it's cool to see a duck X-ray! (The little white spots are just stones in his gizzard)

Three Strikes and....You're Out!
Too much. When we got home from the vet, the dog was back in the pen! Third time in two weeks. We got it out quickly. It didn't hurt anybody too badly, but again Dolly's wounds were re-opened. My mom called Animal Control, finally. Sunday, we'd talked to the owners of the dog, and they said they would tie it up. But apparently, they didn't. I feel bad for them, but we haven't seen the dog since. The ducks are doing much better, especially Daffy!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Week 2

It's the beginning of week 3... We have had the chicks for 2 weeks. I can't believe it! They've grown so much since Day 1. Here's a slideshow with their pics. I figured out how to do some more neat things, so tell me what you think!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Duck Pictures

After the disaster. They're sitting on my dad's lap. Dolly has a big bloody spot, while Donald is kind of letting his head flop.

This is one of the ducks having fun in their pool. Aren't they so huge?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Duck Disaster

Sunday, I was at a birthday party, which would soon be over. As my mom stepped out of the car, I could tell something was wrong by the anxiousness in her voice as she ushered me to the car. As we drove away, she began, “Dogs got into the ducks pen today.” I stared at her. Questions and mental pictures zoomed through my brain; were they OK? Which dogs? How did they get in? “Oh my goodness! Are they OK?” was all I could say. “Well, the black ducks were bloody, but we didn’t see any broken skin. Pearl and Mallory were fine. Dolly was bleeding for a long time… and we think that Donald has a broken neck,” she finished grimly. I asked her solemnly, “Do you think he’s going to die?” “....yes.” I thought I was going to cry. “I can’t believe it.” As we rode home, we discussed what had happened. Apparently, the dogs had jumped on a hay bale and hopped right over the short wire fence. My dad heard dogs barking (which never happens) and ran outside to see dogs in the pen. I am so proud of him, because he ran out there in his socks and scared them off. They had Donald on the ground, with the others huddled in the corner. He brought them inside and washed them off. When I got home, I wanted to cry again. The five ducks were all piled on top of my dad. Dolly had a bandage wrapped around her chest, and then I saw Donald; he was sitting between my dad and my sister. An Ace bandage was wrapped around his neck, which would flop everywhere if not for my sister holding his neck. I sat with them for a long time, then it was time for bed. The ducks (excluding Donald) were taken out to the water trough. We fixed Donald a bed in a cardboard box inside a cage. Before bed, we gave him a drink of water, which he sloshed around as he tossed back his head. He slept in the bathroom, and I checked up on him every now and then….not much sleep for me. In the morning, we checked on him….and he was 200% better. He could eat, drink, move his neck, and stand. I was so happy! We put him back with the rest of the ducks. Yesterday, his bandage was off (he probably had a little help), and you could hardly tell he’d been hurt…except for the bald, bloody spot on his back. My little buff Cochin died, but I’m okay about it. Now, I’m most worried about Dolly…she lost a lot of blood. Well, I’ll keep you posted on their condition. The chicks have been flying around like little dare-devils!


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Day 2...Or Is It 1?

Well, this has been the first officiall day with all the chicks. Here is a video with every breed we have:

I'm sad to say that one of our White-Crested Black Polish died today. But, at least we still have another White-Crested and a Buff Laced.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Chicks---They're Here!!!

Guess what? We got six little chicks yesterday at the Co-op! Two Barred Rocks, a Rhode Island Red, a Black Sex Link, and two New Hampshire Reds. I made a slideshow with their pictures:

Also, we got a phone call this morning saying that the chicks were at the post office! After some searching and knocking, we found the people that gave us our 32 adorable chicks. They were peeping in protest, but we got them in the car and warmed them up. They're now settled into the brooder with the other six. And guess what? Our free rare chick is a buff Polish!! We were so happy. I took pictures, but I can't get them on tonight. Tomorrow the other 6 Ameraucanas are coming, and I'll try to put pictures on then.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


This is a video I made of the rainbow-colored chicks from the Co-op. I'm so new to this cool software, I added lots of stuff to it!

Bath Time

These pictures are kind of old, but here are the ducks enjoying their time in our bathtub!
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We went to the Co-op for duck food, and look what we found! These cute little Easter chicks were not hurt while they were dyed. How were they dyed? you may ask. Well, food coloring is injected into the egg while the chicks are still in them.
This chick looks like a Grinch chick!
Here's all the 6 different colors!

If you want to buy some dyed chicks, you can go to and search for 'Easter'. I think they have dyed chicks, ducklings, and wild turkeys.
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