Friday, April 11, 2008

Chicken and Egg Festival

This weekend we've traveled to Alabama for the annual Chicken and Egg Festival. My sister and I will be competing in the "Catch a Falling Egg" contest. We will have 30 minutes to build a device that can catch an egg dropped from four different heights, each greater than the last. There will be materials supplied, such as straws, cups, newspaper, pipe cleaners, etc., but we won't know what they actually are until we get there. We found this event on the internet (I love the web) and signed up for the contest! There are supposed to be 100 bantams, 25 breeds, brought by the same guy. Talk about a lot of chickens!! It sounds pretty fun, and I'll take lots of pics and get them on the computer.


(PS- I brought our laptop, so that's how I can post and put pics. Don't you love wireless?)


Don said...

That sounds like a fun event. How did you and your sister do? We had to do that activity in a class I had at Michigan State and the professor observed us, (without our knowing she was doing so) to see how well we could work together, who would lead, who would get mad, etc. Our egg broke.

How many chickens do you have?

chickengirl said...

It was actually more like a huge community fair, but it was fun. We had a fabulous design (not meaning to brag), unlike anybody else's. There were bags filled with air on top of felt, ant the felt was held up by popsicle sticks. But, when we dropped the egg from 42", it missed the air bags and was skewered by a popsicle stick. We could've won, if not for that one tiny mistake.... Oh well.

It's pretty fun to do, but hard to think of a design!

At the moment, we have about 62 chickens/chicks, but once we give them to my grandpa, we'll have around 40 or so. And, we can't forget the six ducks!! LOL

Don said...

I have 40 chicks, 9 of them are leghorn roosters that will end up in my dad's freezer in about 7 weeks. I also have the 17 quail. Hmmm, ducks...?