Friday, May 9, 2008

New Coop

Lots has happened since the last post. I guess I'll start with this: We let the chicks out into the pen while we built a new coop. The coop will temporarily be for the chicks, then for the Silkies. Here's a video (I wanted to put HSM "Breaking Free", but couldn't get a hold of the sound track):

Also, last Tuesday our friends won two chicks in a drawing at a 4-H farm day, and since they're going on vadation for two weeks we ended up with them. So our baby chick count has gone from 3 to 5 PDQ (pretty darn quick). Plus, the same friends found some abandoned baby geese near their house, and took them in. Again, vacation got in the way, and we are now the foster parents of 5 baby Canadian geese for 2 weeks. I'll try to get some pictures, because they are SO cute!! Their names are Audrey, Lucy, Peep, Giselle, and Sweetheart.



Don said...

I like your slide show! You have a beautiful flock, nice choices, but you are Chickengirl, so you ought to know!
You're brave to do the geese. Do you have to worry about any diseases?

chickengirl said...

Thanks! The Ameraucanas all look alike except for three white ones, and the rest look pretty unusual and unique!!

chickengirl said...

We were just talking about that this morning... I sure hope they don't. They're so young, hopefully they didn't get anything yet.