Monday, July 21, 2008


I've been tagged by Don at A View from the Green Barn!

So, here are the 6 random things about me:

1. I love acting, and have been in at least: 1 or 2 television shows, a commercial, an independent film, a play, and I was a 'chicken wrangler' when my Rhode Island Red rooster, Rocky, was in a Jewelry TV commercial.

2. I have been to 35 states, 2 countries, and every county in my state. (This isn't about me, but my mother was born in Alaska!)

3. I've lived in one house my entire life. Our big white farmhouse is about 130 years old. Before we bought it, there were old outhouses and buildings in the yard. There's still a pigstye in the back, but it's now overgrown with black walnut trees.

4. Tonight I spent about thirty minutes out in our chicken coop shooting at rats with a BB gun. It was strangely entertaining! We probably have at least twenty rats... Ugh

5. I love art and recently painted a picture of a Canadian goose with her goslings. The painting is traveling around my state in an art show. I was awarded 2nd place in the entire state for my work. It helps to have such great subjects!

6. My thumbs don't match. One is short and squat, while the other is (shorter than) normal. They are actually different sizes, and the nails are different. If I commited a crime, I could probably be recognized by my thumbprint (of course I would never commit a crime!!)

Well, those are my six random things.

I've tagged:

Sparkle- 'Catch a Falling Star' One of my very close friends, she hasn't been on Blogger in a while, but I may be able to pursuade her!

Shine- 'Bling Bling' Another of my good friends, she shares the passion of chickens with me. They live 500 acres of land, have chickens, rescued baby turkeys, a beautiful peacock (that just showed up), and recently took care of 5 rescued goslings.

Sir James- 'Lords of Chivalry' My knight in shining armour.

Alena8- 'BIG PINK FAN' Although I don't exactly share her passion for pink, I still love her.

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Don said...

Hey, you're famous! I need to watch that video to see what kind of show you were in. Our computer is having trouble loading vids right now.

How fun! Do you have plans for more acing?

chickengirl said...

Well, it's not much; just my feet. It's actually a murder show. When they told me that they wanted me to do it, I didn't know I would be the victim!

I sure hope so. It's really fun!

Don said...

Your feet? That's funny.

chickengirl said...

Yeah, I worked all day in July with long jeans and a jacket, and I got about 2 seconds of fame.