Saturday, May 17, 2008


The most unexpected thing happened to me today (hence the title). I was feeding and watering the setting hen, Butterscotch, and I thought that I heard peeping. "Ooh," I thought, "maybe an egg is hatching!" I looked under her and was shocked to find that the noise was coming from a little Silkie chick!!! I nearly shouted, but instead went and showed my sister. Then I ran back and checked for more and found another! They are so cute. If you didn't know, we put some Silkie eggs that the Silkie hen had been setting on underneath Butterscotch. I didn't see any more pips in the eggs, and I only found those two chicks. They seem perfectly fine! I just can't believe they hatched right under our nose. I've been checking every now and then to see if there were any signs of hatching. I wonder how old they are; they're all fluffed up, and yet the egg tooth is still on both of them. Probably just a day or two. I'll get some pictures soon.



Don said...

That must have been fun and surprising for you! I saw some bantam chicks at the farm store on Sunday and was so tempted to get some. I need to stop! I have 60 chickens right now. The broilers are getting so fat already, I think I need to put them on a diet.

chickengirl said...

It was for sure!
LOL You sound like me! I just e-mailed someone about some Blue Cohcins, golden-laced Wyandottes, and Speckled Sussex! Most of our Ameraucanas went to Grandpa's farm this past week, but we still have ten.

Don said...

blue cochins are beautiful. I wonder how good they are as layers? I think I am going to go for great layers next.

chickengirl said...

Yeah, personally I think all Cochins are beautiful. I think that they are pretty good, I'll do some lookin' up on that.

Stiggy said...

Wow! How lucky! We won't be getting any more chickens til we move in our new place in Oct (hopefully!).

I'm looking forward to when we can see some of our own chicks..

..any chance of a photo of the Silky chicks?


chickengirl said...

Yeah, we definatelly have a lot of chickens: around 40 or 50! Not counting the ducks!! ...Well, at least that's a lot for us! LOL

I'll try to take some today. I think the camera is messed up..hope not