Friday, April 4, 2008

Duck Pictures

After the disaster. They're sitting on my dad's lap. Dolly has a big bloody spot, while Donald is kind of letting his head flop.

This is one of the ducks having fun in their pool. Aren't they so huge?


Don said...

They look so safe and cozy sitting there! Those nasty dogs better not come around again.

chickengirl said...

Yeah, they were pretty comfortable while they were in 'rehabilitation'. We let them out today, and tehy liked swimming a lot!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Chickengirl- I'm tickled to death you stopped by my place! My little ones are Silkies- I've always wanted some, and this year my local feed store had three left, so I bought them all. I also have Aracaunas, and my big rooster Hamburger stays with them. (I did a post on him back in Feb- you have to see his picture.) I also have a bunch of banties (bantams) of all different breeds. I love seeing pictures of your chickens- please keep posting them! You've got some great blogs going on- you must be one busy chick!
P.S.- Sorry to hear about your ducks- thankfully everybody is o.k.!

chickengirl said...

Your blog is very cool! We got a pair of Silkie mutts two years ago, but sadly, they were both taken by hawks. But we got two more white Silkie chicks for free last year, and they turned out to be a gorgeous Silkie pair! (My photo is a pic of them.) We have an Americauna hen, and about 30 Ameraucana chicks. I'll check out the picture!
I love banties. We have Old English bantams, which are surprisingly sweet, but I'd like to start raising different kinds of bantams.
I will post as many pics as possible! And thank you very much for visiting.


(P.S. The dog was just outside today- hope the ducks STAY o.k.!!)