Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Day 2...Or Is It 1?

Well, this has been the first officiall day with all the chicks. Here is a video with every breed we have:

I'm sad to say that one of our White-Crested Black Polish died today. But, at least we still have another White-Crested and a Buff Laced.


Don said...

Your chicks are so cute! Did you take all those pictures? They are very good. If so, what is the background? How did you do that slideshow? I have too many questions. Your blog is going to become famous, I think.

Sandy said...

Oh..these are cute...! I notice your starting a sketch blog..good for you.

All your blogs are nice. I love little chickies.


chickengirl said...

Don, yes, I did take them. We have an extra black poster-board, and we just put them on that! It works nicely. You can buy them at craft stores, or maybe even places like Wal-Mart and Target! The new computer we got has a Movie Maker, and I use it! You could probably buy a software, though. Thank you very much!

Sandy, thanks! They're growing fast. Yeah, I haven't kept up with it for a while, though... Thanks for visiting.

(P.S. Did you know that I once had a chicken named Sandy? I loved her so much.)