Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Geese and Cochins

It's time to say good-bye to the goslings... The rightful owners have come back from Florida (YES!!) and will be picking up the goslings, maybe sometime today. I will miss them, but it will be 5 less mouths to feed... And water... And clean up after..... (Of course it's not their mouths that I clean up after.)

Newbies (Chicks)
You know that with that title, we've gotten ourselves into something! We went to this guys place, looking to buy Cochin chicks. He's crazier than us! In a good way! He's got chicks in his garage (along with 'poults'), and a barnful of animals: Guineas, goats, rabbits, llamas or alpacas, peafowl, quail, Chukar, horses, dogs out back, and a barn cat!! Phew! Even though he's crazy, I think I'd love to have most of those..... Even the Guineas! Anywho, he had barred Cochins, splash Cochins (my fav), and buff Cochins. We bought one mixed breed (which is buff, but has barring and dots of black), one splash (mine), and my sister bought what she hopes is a buff rooster, for her buff hen. They're with the other chicks that we hatched (for now). Aren't we crazy?


1 comment:

Don said...

You are not crazy, just totally out of control!!!
I'm waiting for you to get some bronze turkeys. Actually, I wish I had some. Hmmmmm. Mybe I'm crazy too!