Saturday, June 28, 2008

Guess What??

Two of our Silkie hens are setting on eggs. And guess what? I went out there are found a little fluffy chick!!

We went out of town Thursday and Friday and got back late last night. This morning, I went out to check on them... And another chick had hatched!! So now we have two tiny little babies.

The rest of the once-tiny-little-babies aren't so tiny any more!!... Actually, they're huge!



Don said...

that's about as cute as cute can get. silkies are awesome. I am debating ever geting crested chickens again. Ours are so "crested" they are practically bline. we give them haircuts so they can see around them. Sometimes they walk right into the wall!

chickengirl said...

I love 'em!! It's the same with our Polish... The two oldest freak out whenever you get near them! One's name is 'Whoopi', and whenever I call her name she looks around and starts running. They're pretty funny.
I had to give my white-crested black Polish a trim the other day. Our buff-laced Polish is bearded and has a crazy hairdo, so she can barely see a thing!!