Monday, June 30, 2008

Chick, Chicks, and MORE Chicks!

It's true: two more chicks have hatched! A little white one and a little black one. At first we thought that the black one was an Old English Game Bantam.... that was, until we saw the feathered feet, five toes, little crest, and small comb! Plus we found all four eggshells: they're all Silkie eggs!!! So, looks like the father is:

Bruiser the Old English Game Bantam.

And the mother is either:
Rita the white Silkie,
Georgeous the white Silkie,
or the hen in the top right corner, Paris the white Silkie.
Anyways, here's a short video with pics and clips of the newest additions to our poultry family!


Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Chicks are Hatching... Again!

Here's a little movie I put together. It's got some clips of the chicks playin' around with their mommas. (If you hear sniffing, sorry, I have a cold!!....That seems weird to say in June-- almost July...)


Guess What??

Two of our Silkie hens are setting on eggs. And guess what? I went out there are found a little fluffy chick!!

We went out of town Thursday and Friday and got back late last night. This morning, I went out to check on them... And another chick had hatched!! So now we have two tiny little babies.

The rest of the once-tiny-little-babies aren't so tiny any more!!... Actually, they're huge!


Friday, June 13, 2008

What's Going On

Missing Mallory

The title describes the happening:our Mallord duck, Mallory, dissapeared some day last week. We found feathers (that looked like hers) around the duck pen. She wasn't with "the gang", which was extremely rare. But we'd seen her that morning. Later in the afternoon, my sister ran in, Mallory in her arms. "I found Mallory, but she's chewed up bad!" she exclaimed. She told me that she'd been out walking around and had seen the duck limping behind the house. We stuck her in the tub and washed her off. Then we let her go back to her buds outside, after a thorough look-over. We were glad that she was back. But, unfortunatelly, the happiness was short lived. Tuesday, she'd dissapeared again. We searched all around our house, through the field, down by the creek. No sign. So, here's in memory of Mallory, one pretty Mallord duck:

A Good Old Girl
Last week we found one of our first chickens, Maria the Rhode Island Red, dead in the chicken coop. She was one of the eight original girls that we had left. I don't know what made her die, maybe just old age. But that's life. May she rest in peace.

All of the chicks are getting big, and I mean BIG! We put Athena, the Cornish setting hen, with the rest of the chickens. As for Butterscotch and her two Silkie chicks, I put them with the younger chicks. She's pretty much adopted them all! One night I went out to put them up, and she was sitting on a stump with her little fluffies under her. How they got up there, I don't know! But it sure was cute!!!