Sunday, March 23, 2008

Chicks---They're Here!!!

Guess what? We got six little chicks yesterday at the Co-op! Two Barred Rocks, a Rhode Island Red, a Black Sex Link, and two New Hampshire Reds. I made a slideshow with their pictures:

Also, we got a phone call this morning saying that the chicks were at the post office! After some searching and knocking, we found the people that gave us our 32 adorable chicks. They were peeping in protest, but we got them in the car and warmed them up. They're now settled into the brooder with the other six. And guess what? Our free rare chick is a buff Polish!! We were so happy. I took pictures, but I can't get them on tonight. Tomorrow the other 6 Ameraucanas are coming, and I'll try to put pictures on then.


Don said...

Wow! You offically have your hands full! All of your chicks are ones I would want too. Great minds...

chickengirl said...

Yes, we do!! My mom actually got them for us. We had a Barred Rock, but sadly she passed away. We still have a few RIRs, tho! And the rest we've never had before.

Guess what? I talked to a guy yesterday, and he may have some buff or white Silkie chicks for us! We may go down to his place and have a look sometime soon. Yay!