Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Most Wonderful Thing

I looked at the rest of the eggs and guess what I found?!? A little pip in a green Ameraucana egg!! I looked some more and found a hole in a little brown egg! I stayed in the garage aaaaall evening, and after waiting, watching, and filming with the digital camera, I produced this movie. There was a lot more footage, but if I left it in, the movie would be about an hour long! So, here it is, my masterpiece: "Breaking Out; Finally Hatching". The filming wasn't too great, but hey, you get to see a chick hatching!! Now if you have any, please give me some ideas for names!

At the very end of the hatching, the camera said "Memory card full". I nearly tore my hair out, but I think I got some OK pics after it came out. I'll post updates, because as we speak, the little Ameraucana egg is hatching!



Don said...

That is a nice little film! I am jealous! I hope one of my chickens will one day hatch out some eggs. You must feel pretty good! So, will the Ameraucana raise the Silkie! That will be adorable to have a chicken running around with some little peeps hanging around!

Yea Chickengirl!

chickengirl said...

Thank you! It was very hard to film and photograph, because the hen wanted to scoot the eggs under her every 5 seconds! I'm very proud of not only the hen, but of the chicks for hatching. We now have three little chicks (1 Americuana/White Rock cross, 2 white Silkies). They're in our bathroom, actually, so the hen can set on the rest of the eggs. They may go to be with momma after a while, but I really want to hand-rear them to be super pets. But the Silkies are purebred, so we may try to show them! Wouldn't that be fun to show chickens that you raised from an egg??

Don said...

That's funny that they are in the bathroom!

I wish I had done things like this when I was a "Yout," you are having such good experiences.

chickengirl said...

They don't eat/drink as much as 40 chicks do, and they don't need much room. I'll try to put some pictures of the "arrangments" soon.

Yes, and 4-H has helped A LOT! Without it, I'd never have even considered chickens!!....Well, maybe....

Amri said...

Cool, cool, cool!
I looked on YouTube a few times for movies of chicks hatching but no luck.
After we move to our new place and get MY incubator I have plans to start hatching!
I know this sounds silly but your blog is the best blog I've seen (other than mine, of course).