Monday, June 30, 2008

Chick, Chicks, and MORE Chicks!

It's true: two more chicks have hatched! A little white one and a little black one. At first we thought that the black one was an Old English Game Bantam.... that was, until we saw the feathered feet, five toes, little crest, and small comb! Plus we found all four eggshells: they're all Silkie eggs!!! So, looks like the father is:

Bruiser the Old English Game Bantam.

And the mother is either:
Rita the white Silkie,
Georgeous the white Silkie,
or the hen in the top right corner, Paris the white Silkie.
Anyways, here's a short video with pics and clips of the newest additions to our poultry family!



Don said...

you have the busiest chicken farm i know of! wow! you must be busy and proud. Does this make you a grandma or a favorite auntie?

chickengirl said...

I am VERY busy and VERY proud! I call myself a 'grandma', since the mother's are my babies. And guess what? We found ANOTHER chick yesterday!! Another black one. It'll be interesting to see how they turn out....