Thursday, April 17, 2008

Chicken and Egg Festival

So, we went to the festival, and participated in the contest. We had a fabulous design, one that no one else thought up (the were all the same... kind of strange, I admit). We made air bags for the egg to land on, but when we had reached 42", the egg was slightly blown by the wind and was accidentally skewered by a popsicle stick... Oh well. We still got to check out some cool artwork and stuff like that, and played games like Bingo (which my sister won) and the egg toss (which we didn't win). Overall, it was okay in my book. Hey, I got a T-shirt that says "I rule the roost", so I'm happy! Well, I gtr. It's late and I'M TIRED!!!!


(PS- My family and a friend got to be extras in a local independent film that premiered tonight! They made it like a big Hollywood red-carpet type of event. The movie was pretty funny. About softball. I was laughing my head off at some parts. But the best part, was that I WAS IN IT!!...okay, maybe it was about 6 seconds total, but still...gotta give me some credit! Check out My Journal for more details. I'll post about it there.)

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