Thursday, May 1, 2008

More...and More!!

The Ameraucana/White Rock egg hatched yesterday. It's so cute; it looks like a White Rock, but has an Ameraucana's comb! The Silkie is doing fine. another Silkie egg was hatching this morning, and my sister and I stayed out there for a long time. We were afraid that the hen would break the egg, because she was moving around so much, so we had it under a heat lamp. I put it under the hen for about 20 seconds. A huge mistake. She accidentally trampled on it, breaking part of the egg shell. The chick was still moving inside, thankfully! Finally, after a 20-30 minute struggle (both the egg and me, too!), the little chick hatched. We nick-named it "Lucky". We were so happy that it made it out okay! We put about 8 more Silkie eggs under Butterscotch the RIR, and she still has about three eggs from the other batch. We are very un-experienced with hatching chicks, so we really just threw a bunch of eggs that we thought were fertile under, some maybe even on different days. The 3 chicks are now in our upstairs bathroom. The AWPR (I made that up for the cross) is named "Chloe", because that was her dad's name, before he turned into Cole. The 'lucky' Silkie is May-Day (because it was born on May Day, and when there's trouble, you shout "mayday!"), and it's nickname is May. The first Silkie is stuck. I want to name it April, so we'll have April and May, but my sister thinks otherwise.... I think she wants it to be Fluffy? If it's a boy, I think I should call it Louie Vaton! Well, if you have any ideas, leave them in a comment on this post! I'll put more pictures of the other hatches tomorrow, or at least I'll try!!!


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