Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Trough Brooder

This is a clip-on heat lamp that, well, clips on to stuff!!!
(In this case, the side of the trough.)
This is an inferred light bulb. Strangely, chickens can't see inferred!
This is the water trough from my grandpa. When I go to the Co-op when they have chicks, they're usually in one of these!
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Don said...

I have a water trough exactly like the one in your photo, except the bottom on mine is a bit holey. I'm going to use it anyway! If I put enough wood chips on the bottom it'll be OK. I'm hatching Coturnix Quail and this will becomme their brooder.

chickengirl said...

My grandpa had this one on his farm and is letting us use it. I bet that enough chips would work, but make sure cold air can't get in! I think it'd be really fun to raise quail.