Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Big Move

It finally happened..... We moved our ducklings out to the garage! We put them in the water trough and put one small clip-light and the big light. I hope that they stay warm and the cats stay out! Today we took them outside to play and tried to introduce them to our crazy demonic cat, Sophia, and she tried to attack the poor little thing! It's OK, but it really scared me!! By the way, we've named all but one. Their names are: the Pekin is Donald, the crested is Dolly, the two little black ones are Daffy and Abbey, and the Mallard is Mallory. The possible Pekin/crested is not named yet, and we aren't really sure if it's a crested or not... Well, that's it!! They are so big, and I'll try to take new some pictures soon!


Don said...

We have a barn cat and I wonder what her relationship will be with our poultry. You think they would know better!

chickengirl said...

Yeah, ours have been OK since we put them out there. We have three outside cats, and they're all pretty crazy. I know what you mean!