Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Duckling Pics

Here are the pictures I promised! We're all huddled up. Ain't we so darn cute?

Here's the whole gang! The yellow-striped black chick is the Mallard, the yellow one behind it is the possible crested, the other yellow ones are Pekins, and then the blackies are unknown.

This is one of the breeds that is unknown. Do you know what we are?

We took a quick dip in the bath tub. Did you know that water is REALLY wet???

The spotlight is on us!!....OK, maybe they're heat lamps...

We're eating out of an old waterer and our new feeder that attatches to a jar. Pretty cool, huh?

This is our temporary home.

Oh yeah, I'm fabulous!!

Check us out! Are we cute or what??


Ray~Ray said...

aww how sweet!

chickengirl said...

I know!!

Don said...

There really are few things as cute as a baby duck! I want to get some, but I need to get my chickens up and going first. Where are your ducks goign to live? Are they going to spend nights with your chickens?

Thank you for your blog. I love looking at and hearing what other chicken lovers do.

chickengirl said...

yes, they really are adorable! We thought about getting some ducklings, and my mom wanted us to order some with our chicks, but they won't ship ducks with chickens. So we saw these at the farm store and couldn't resist! We will probably build them their own home (so keep checking my blog for updates!); I've heard that if grown chickens and ducks are together, they could spread diseases among each other. We may build them a small pond, too!

You are very welcome. I'm glad you found it and hope it helps! Your blog is very nice and it seems like your living the farm dream!