Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 15

As of now, our Silkie hen is at about day 15. I've been trying to candle the eggs every now and then. The other day, I found two with blood rings (not good) and threw them out. Last night, I found another two with blood rings (Silkie eggs, sadly enough) and also threw them out. I have numbered the eggs from 1-14. The hen got off of her nest for a little while several days ago, but we gently placed her back and she re-accepted them. I have seen dark shadows in several of the eggs, and that gets me so excited! But I can't get my hopes too high; after all, I am using a flashlight for the candling =)



A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

All the best it is so exciting.
As we just had the joy of Hatching .I hope you get some fluffy fethered friends soon.
I did'nt candle or touch herr clutch just left her to it figuring she knew best and she did!
The two eggs that were unsuccessful she pushed out at about day 17.
And another egg pipped and had a live cheeping chick in it but justwould'nt hatch and she pushed that egg out...She must've just known the chick was'nt going to thrive!
All the best

Don said...

good luck with your hatching. It is almost here!

I have 37 eggs in an incubator for a science fair project, but we lost power at the school for about 3 hours last night and am afraid of the results!!

I have been candling with a computer presenter, which has a very bright light. If you have a slide projector that would work well too.