Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Backyard Birds

Mille Fleurs
The breed that I've wanted for a LONG time is: a Mille Fleur Belgian Bearden D'uccle. But I didn't get one... I got two. We went to the state fair, and these are what I picked out to take home. I paid $10 for one pullet and $5 for the other. After I brought them home, I was beginning to think that one was a rooster.... until she laid an egg!

Here's a little slideshow of the two.

Cluck, cluck, quack!
Here are some pictures from around the yard.

Cole, the White Rock rooster, hangs out in the fall leaves

J the Black Sex-link hen, pecks around at some scratch
The yet-to-be-named red rooster hunts around for some grub
Cynthia the Silver Laced Wyandotte
Pearl the crested White Pekin
Butterscotch the Heritage Rhode Island Red debates over whether to stay in or go out... hmm...
Sophia the cat
Sophia decides to try some scraps along with her feathered friends
Java the Americauna pullet
Baby Bella, the Americauna/White Rock mix who looks just like her mom, Bella, for whom she was named
The eggs that we get from our coop
From Left to Right: Mille Fleur bantam egg, brown chicken egg, Americauna egg, and duck egg
We found this egg in the Mille Fleur's cage....
The mini-egg compared to a duck egg


Amri said...

That egg's tiny! As always, your birds are beautiful!

chickengirl said...

I know!!! We've not cracked it open to see what's inside yet, though!

John Gray said...

lovely photos