Friday, September 4, 2009

A Bit of a Scare

Today I went out at about 4:30 to feed some scraps to the chickens, and I saw one of the little Silkie chicks floating in the big duck pond!

At first I thought it was dead, with only it's head sticking out of the water, but then I saw it's beak open and close, slowly and silently. I ran into the pen and pulled it from the water. It was soaked through and through, and I hurried it inside. We wrapped the poor half-drowned little chick in a big fluffy towel, then set it in a cardboard box.

Several hours later it's all fluffed back up and was pretty freaked out of being inside the 'big house'! I think the little fuzzball is going to be fine!



Amri said...

That must have been pretty scary. Good thing the baby is all right! Whew!

Chicken Boys said...

Mike and I have lost a couple of mixed bantam chicks to water. China is a good mama, but her chicks do not stay put. Out of two sets, we've lost one each that has gotten over into the water dish for our Dominique rooster. Poor things.

John Gray said...

lovely photos., randy at chicken boys ointed ypou out to me